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E-mail – the new generation

16th November 2000 · Press Releases

Knowledge is power. And never has that old adage been in the forefront of so many minds than now in this the age of digital communications.

One forward-looking UK telecommunications and Internet services company, iomart Group plc ( are confident outsourced e-mail is the way ahead.

With e-mail security the subject of government legislation, not to mention attack by hackers, iomart says there is an untapped market in the UK among the business sector, central and local government, legal and accountancy firms, the health service and utility companies.

Comments iomart ASP Director, Daniel Smith: “Today e-mail is the very lifeblood of the Internet But this dependency on e-mail as a vital communication tool brings with it responsibilities to ensure sensitive or confidential information remains safe and secure. Existing open e-mail platforms are subject to many kinds of abuse. Awareness needs to be raised throughout the industry on the security risks that individual businesses face on a day-to-day basis. The rule of thumb in the past was never send anything you wouldn’t wish others to see.”

Smith continues that in recent months the ‘I love you’ virus has brought sharply home the risk attached to what is essentially a free-for-all environment where information is easily and frequently intercepted and malicious parties exploit existing e-mail servers.

However, this need not be the case. In the US there is booming demand for a new generation of e-mail platform that is both secure and reliable with server-level virus protection built-in to ensure virus free e-mail.

It is now only a matter of time, states iomart, before ring-fenced

mission-critical e-mail systems become the norm throughout the UK also. But in addition to increased security, there are a number of other benefits to be gained by switching to an external e-mail management provider, not least substantial cost savings and greater satisfaction and productivity for the end users.

“Mission-critical e-mail allows customers to focus on running their business instead of running their e-mail. The twin attractions of reliability and security make outsourced mail management difficult to argue against. In today’s competitive marketplace there is no better or more affordable way to improve your competitive edge and business communications than through mail management,” explains Smith.

The demand for e-mail applications is continuing to expand enormously, showing no signs of abating. For the foreseeable future, most industry experts agree e-mail requirements are unlikely to diminish. Indeed, with extended messaging capabilities in the growing converging communications market, e-mail’s future is almost guaranteed because of the DNA-like qualities it has developed in touching countless aspects of everyday life.

Whether you are in business or in the public sector, it is an early lesson learnt that the most cost effective and profitable strategy is to focus on core competencies and outsource non-core competencies to experts. And this same lesson holds true for the management of large scale e-mail systems where sensitive or confidential information is exchanged, user numbers are high and physical locations widespread.

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