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Don’t let Big Data be a Teenage Wasteland

7th May 2015 · Our Thoughts

Big Data BlogLiving in the world of the cloud, Big Data and the Internet of Things is very much like being an angry, confused and emotional teenager. You are constantly to ‘Do this!’ and ‘Do that!’ and are always reminded that your elders know better. As painful as teenage life can be one thing is always inevitable – the realisation that yes, you could have learned from your mistakes sooner and smoothed out that rollercoaster ride.

This is why we should approach the three ‘buzz words’ of Cloud, Big Data and the Internet of Things as a young adult rather than as a teenager going through growing pains.

The amount of data now being collected from devices as diverse as our washing machines to our shoes, combined with the data created by our social networking and our daily work is ever increasing. The only feasible way for this data to be stored is in the cloud to allow the scalability required.

All of this data is creating profiles of us as individuals, consumers and professionals, whether we like it or not. It’s no longer a case of scaremongering about what the future will look like. The future is already here.
This integration phase is full of ‘growing pains’. Hacking and data breaches have highlighted the current disorganised approach to secure information storage. My teenage self would have been declaring this a ‘1984’ George Orwell approach and throwing about accusations of an online police state. These are echoed in the critiques often thrown at the developing world of the cloud. Yet, look closer and the reality is much simpler.

With new technology for security and storage being developed and released by EMC, Asigra, Arbor Networks, Microsoft, Dell and many others, our digital profiles are becoming more secure and therefore more valuable in every way. Soon both individuals and businesses will have the ability to better source, understand and access the Big Data we are creating and reap the benefits of doing so. Much like a teenager finally reaching adulthood, the growing pains will give way to enthusiasm, knowledge and understanding. We will continue to voluntarily give up our own information and expand our digital profiles in the knowledge that this is just as helpful to us as individuals as it is to companies courting our hard-earned cash.

We are going to be living in a world where your fridge can order your milk. A world where you don’t have to carry a wallet or keys because your smartphone will provide our access. A world where you will be able to get vital feedback from customers and find out what can make your business work better just by looking at the data your business already holds.

So let’s take the lessons from our own teenage years and place our trust in the people that know what they are doing, take the steps now towards embracing this brave new world of Big Data, the Internet of Things and the Cloud.


Andy Croghan

Digital & Social Media Coordinator

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