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Don’t Be A Sloth – Wake Up to Cloud

7th October 2015 · Our Thoughts

Image of a sloth

Sloths are some of the slowest mammals around. They spend their lives sleeping and hanging upside down in trees and occasionally venture down every week or so. So what on earth have they got to do with the cloud? Well, their cautious approach to life mirrors the attitude that many enterprises still have when it comes to moving to the cloud.While they can see what it will bring them – flexibility and agility– they are unsure about how to get there.

iomart has helped many businesses into the cloud: architecting private and hybrid cloud platforms; managing billing and access to Office 365; and supporting businesses to get the best out of AWS and Azure. We have gained a deep understanding of what you need to consider when embracing cloud services.

Managing costs

Cost management is a different beast in cloud. With multi-tiered provisioning possible so is multi-tiered cost. Control of provisioning and cost is a critical first consideration before moving workloads to the cloud. CIOs and CFOs need to consider who has the right to spend and the operation teams need to understand the commercial impacts of spinning up services at the touch of a button.

Generational change

The shift from traditional IT to a SysOps and DevOps culture is not easy and very generational. Start-ups have no problems grasping the new thinking. Older established IT teams can be more resistant due to the risk to their jobs with the removal of the hardware layer. Re-training is critical.

Apps rule

The Application is king, not the hardware. Lifting and shifting of applications is without doubt the greatest reason for failed public cloud projects. The thinking behind this is often flawed and reliant on old models of moving from one dedicated hardware environment to an identical (if newer and shinier) one. Public cloud instances and virtual machines are designed to be replaceable and forgettable and indeed your application design should expect server instances to fail and remain resilient throughout.


Guaranteeing security is a challenge faced by all adopters of cloud services. Every hosting provider and vendor has its own approach which the IT team needs to understand. The important point to remember is that the problem is still yours. Even in the cloud you are still responsible for the security of your data.

By considering all of the above you can turn from a sloth into a jaguar and move full speed ahead to the cloud with confidence. To discover how we can help you on that journey, visit our cloud experts on stand F20 at IP Expo Europe. You might even get to meet our real life sloth Talita.


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