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Acadamia ensures that 'No Child is Left Behind' with Ni Enterprise Manager

21st September 2006 · Press Releases

Netintellligence selected to provide remote laptop control to protect and secure distance learning students across 17 North American States

(GLASGOW) Netintelligence, the leading hosted security service solution provider, has announced today that its Ni Enterprise Manager has been selected to protect and secure the students of the Acadamia online education program.

On January 8, 2002, US President George Bush signed into law the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001. The Act is the most sweeping reform of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) since ESEA was enacted in 1965. Inc was created to provide underprivileged children in grade levels K-12 a resource where they can improve their understanding of selected subjects without intimidating circumstances or atmospheres.

Joe Becker, President of Acadamia, states: “The Company was created in Saint Paul, Minnesota in 2002. We wanted to create a tutorial that empowered the children in a nurturing and supportive atmosphere. This was the central premise behind designing a quality, modern program where the student would be rewarded upon their diligent studies.”

In addition to providing a online tutorial based program, Acadamia also provides laptops and internet connection for families with a need. These are offered free to the families provided that certain criteria are met; chief amongst these is that the children have to log on to Acadamia for a minimum number of hours. Upon completion of the tutorial, the student can keep the computer as a reward for finishing their studies.

This ground breaking ‘laptop as a reward’ program has proved to be very successful, but launching it was not without it challenges. Joe explained: “One of the issues that soon came to light with the program, was that we found that the parents and/or the child were using the laptop to surf the internet regularly, but were not visiting the Acadamia site for educational tutoring. We then discovered Ni Enterprise Manager, from Netintelligence, and it immediately solved our problems at one stroke”.

Joe explains: “We contacted Netintelligence and asked them to create a default policy for us. We then arranged with our hardware supplier to simply download the Ni Enterprise Manager, complete with default policy, onto each laptop before shipping. This ensured that our preferred usage policy was deployed prior to the laptop being used in the home. Once the student has completed their full tutorial course, we simply remove the restriction and then they are free to use the laptop as they wish. The real beauty of Ni Enterprise Manager is that as it is web based we can centrally change and remove the policy settings remotely, across every unit regardless of its location, and without any end user intervention at all.”

Phil Worms, Product Marketing Director at Netintelligence commented: “We are very pleased that our solution has been selected by Acadamia as it ably demonstrates the power of our software as a service model. Acadamia can centrally manage, control and protect their students across many states, via our service, without leaving their office.”

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